I am a photographer based in Genoa, Italy.

I started photographing while I was a teenager and the film era was just about to end. Ten years ago, I practically stopped shooting, but I started again just recently, with a film pipeline that finally makes sense of the modern times, and I still don’t see myself switching to digital anytime soon.

I usually shoot black&white and I then scan the frames and process them digitally and then print only the shots I like the most.

You can reach me at: federicopitto@gmail.com

My Flickr page: http://www.www.federicopitto.it/flickr

My Facebook page (theatre work): http://www.www.federicopitto.it/facebook



Theatre Work

The Kitchen

Teatro Stabile di Genova
Directed by Valerio Binasco
18 October - 6 November 2016

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Città Inferno

Teatro della Tosse, Genova
Directed by Elena Gigliottti
10-13 November 2016

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Teatro Stabile di Genova
Directed by Jacopo-Maria Bicocchi
15-25 June 2016

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The Forever Ongoing Card Game...

Acquasola Park, Genova

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Skatepark Govi

Giardini Govi, Genova

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Dateci un martello..

Pietro Paroletti, Falegname, Genova

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